About Saratoga Dental Ballston Spa New York

General Dentist Shazia Mehdi owns Saratoga Dental in Ballston Spa, New York, and has built a team with a reputation for performing dental services with a high degree of proficiency, coupled with gentle touch. Saratoga Dental’s thriving practice caters to both adult and youth patients in the Ballston Spa community.

Saratoga Dental offers a wide range of services. Restorative work, performed by Shazia Mehdi, employs materials that are free of both mercury and amalgam. A patient’s natural teeth are either repaired or replaced in order to restore functionality, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Options include crowns or more involved procedures such as root canals and dental implants. Composite fillings of an identical color to natural teeth are provided in the case of cavities or tooth trauma. A filling of this kind can be completed in a single office visit.

For those with missing teeth, another mode of treatment is a bridge. These artificial teeth can only be removed by a dental professional, and have been shown to increase the strength of teeth. Often in the case of broken teeth or excessive decay, crowns are applied. This manner of dental restoration is held in place by cement and covers the entire tooth from the line of the gum. The crown essentially becomes the new surface of the tooth. In more severe instances, a tooth may be extracted in advance of another restorative procedure, such as dental implants. Root canals are used to save a damaged tooth whose pulp has been injured or become infected.

Saratoga Dental also offers routine hygienic care, including cleaning and oral examinations. These services include fluoride and periodontal applications. The practice also provides a full range of whitening services, including personal whitening kits.

Saratoga Dental aims to provide comprehensive dental care to all of its patients.


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